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General questions

What types of services do you offer?

We support you in all your image, decoration and communication needs. We do not stop at the image, we create a real universe, coherent and surprising, on each medium.

From strategy, to trend creation, from brand territory to branding, from print to packaging and shipping packaging, to textile supports, covering of company vehicles and goodies, showcase websites, catalogue site, e-commerce site, personal blog, strategy and content for social networks, photos, videos, product development... interior design, design of stands and showrooms, office design, creation of sets and showcases etc...

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How can I be sure that I would be satisfied with the result?

Our approach is based on transversal, complementary and multi-trade knowledge and expertise. We attach great importance to the strategic analysis of your project and its environment. As a result, we offer you solutions adapted to your business sector.

Beyond the creation, our approach is oriented towards Lean Design and Agile Project Management: you will be informed of the project's progress at each stage of the creation, and you will be able to give your opinions on each of the project's characteristics. When the product finally comes into being, you will already have validated it beforehand at each step of the process.

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What are your rates?

All services are tailor-made to meet your specific project and objectives. Thus it is impossible for us to indicate you a price without visualizing the workload and technical constraints of the service(s) most appropriate to your project and your ambitions.

However, through a quick telephone interview or a more formal appointment at Studio HLG, Hélène Le Goff will meet you to ask you the questions necessary to analyze your project, and be able to indicate a price at the end of your interview.

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Do you have any geographical boundaries?

Simply... none!

Studio HLG is located in Brittany in the Côtes d'Armor (22). We obviously have to work more regularly on this local sector, but we also have many projects and customers throughout France and abroad.

Whether it is to carry out your project remotely or directly by travelling on site, all solutions are possible. We are perfectly mobile, so don't hesitate to contact us, we will find together the most suitable way to meet to discuss and set up your project.

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Who will be in charge of my project at the Studio?

Hélène Le Goff, Studio Director, works on each of the studio's projects. Its expertise in 360° brand image allows it to design projects in a global way. When it is used only on a key project, this approach provides an intelligent solution that anticipates the future development of the project.

Her expertise: artistic direction and creative direction, strategy, brand image / branding, graphics and decoration, artistic and photographic creations.

Depending on the needs and ambitions of your project, it will compose a team of experts who will create a real synergy to provide you with the best solution, from a creative, technical and budgetary point of view and in line with your project schedule. She will remain your privileged contact throughout the project and will ensure consistency on each support.

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Technical Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by cheque, credit card or bank transfer. The indications for payment are mentioned at the bottom of the quotation for deposits and on our invoices.

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What is BAT?

The TAO corresponds to the Good to Print. It concerns Print projects, i. e. printed projects.

Upon receipt of the BAT, the Client undertakes to check the accuracy of the editorial spelling and graphic characteristics of the BAT.
If the customer accepts the TAO, he must validate it by returning it to Studio HLG by email or post with the mention "Good for Agreement and Printing", signing and dating it within five working days of its receipt.

The client must notify corrections or modifications within five (5) business days. Once the BAT has been accepted by the customer, no changes can be made. The acceptance of the BAT releases Studio HLG from any possible claim in the event of an error or correction not mentioned by the Client.

Specific Questions Websites

Should I provide images for my site?

Several solutions are available to you regarding image and video content:

You are in possession of media of sufficient quality (photos & videos produced by professionals): in this case we may use them, provided that you own the rights to use and distribute these photos and visuals.

You want professional quality photos or videos but you don't have any? Our professional photographers and videographers come to your premises to create your content. A real image bank that will serve you both for your site, but also for all your communication.
your budget limited for the creation of these media? We propose you to choose for your web project photos and videos on paid or free image banks, according to your budget.

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Do I own my site?

As soon as we receive payment for the entire order, you are the owner of your website.

In the case of a monthly contract or installment payment, ownership of the site is only transferable at the end of your commitment period, subject to receipt of all payments.

Other questions

I ordered a shooting, but I'm not comfortable with a camera lens...

Whether it is portraits for your company, for pleasure or for your portfolio, Hélène Le Goff's work is to create the right atmosphere, to put you in confidence, to advise you and to accompany you to make this moment most pleasant and pleasant!

Moreover, you will not really have to pose and have "frozen" poses: we will guide you throughout the session in order to keep you always in motion, thus obtaining natural attitudes and making you forget the time for a moment that we enter the pictures.

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What are your deadlines for completion?

All services are tailor-made to meet your project and objectives. Thus it is impossible for us to indicate a deadline without visualizing the workload and technical constraints of the service(s) most appropriate to your project and your ambitions.

However, through a quick telephone interview or a more formal appointment with Hélène, she will be able to ask you the questions necessary to analyze your project, and be able to give you an approximate time frame.

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Do you offer payment facilities?

In some cases it is possible to consider payments in several instalments.
This request must be made before signing the quotation and validating the order form.

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I already have my printer / project partners

No problem, all you have to do is tell us during our meeting with which partner we should contact and provide us with the latter's contact details.

One point of attention: our network of experts, collaborators and partners is the result of several years of work where we have carefully built and selected a network corresponding to our level of technical requirements and quality.

For obvious reasons, in the event that you wish to modify the project team or project partners, we release you from any responsibility related to quality, technical implementation and deadlines on the part(s) of the project that will be entrusted to your partner.

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