Alizée Froment

Creation of the universe of Alizée Froment, dressage rider and equestrian artist of international renown.

Objectives of the project

Imagine and design the visual identity logo

The famous dressage rider Alizée Froment calls on the duo of Studio HLG Hélène Le Goff, artistic director and Charlotte Mélin, artist, to create her visual identity.

Alizée Froment is a world-renowned talented rider. Poetic and mystical equestrian artist who performs shows and performances throughout the world. Through this request, she wanted to take it to a higher level in terms of image. Review its positioning to display a more representative image of the quality of its work. A universe that could transmit its poetic, mystical and refined universe. The beauty of the movement and elegance obviously being an essential component of her work, Alizée Froment.

The logo was entirely handmade, both on the horse-riding sketch which is made from the artist's multiple photographs in order to transcribe the personality of his two show horses. The manual aspect is also present in the typography, which was created entirely to measure in order to create a perfect balance between the curves and those of the sketch. It is this balance that makes it possible to create a logo that is both moving and light.

The creation of a logo and a brand image can be a decisive element in the progression and evolution of an artist, an important business vector that shows the seriousness and involvement of the artist in his work. This is a step not to be neglected when developing your business because the logo and brand image are the first factors for success. The visual identity must therefore be as striking and neat as possible, while representing its universe. Each colour has its own meaning and we take care to design the palette that will perfectly match your image, but also that will be easy to use on your different printed or digital media.



The team

Hélène Le Goff - Artistic Director

Charlotte - Artist


Brand Image


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