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Custom furniture design, decoration and creation: we combine fundamental skills to create, modify or transform the interior of your property. We imagine characterful, chic and refined environments.

An activity that evolves in a personalized and original work environment, conveys a positive message, both for employees and especially for customers! We have totally reinvented this workspace to create a unique setting, dedicated to creation: complete renovation, interior design, furniture and lighting design, and equipment of this professional building.

From interior decoration, to custom-made arrangements, creation of decorative elements and works of art, painting works, choice of warm and modern coatings, structuring of volumes, every detail has been thought out and made with the greatest care in order to welcome employees and customers in a space that is both functional and aesthetic.

Meeting room & Office in open space, clautra, personalized furniture and lighting have successfully completed the decoration of this workspace to make it a warm and welcoming place for teams and customers.


Creative Direction

Interior Design / Decoration

Furniture design

Lighting design

Creation of decor and art objects

Artistic direction & creation

Hélène Le Goff


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