Argov Men's Clothing

Clothing of character forged in Brittany

Launched in 2014, an innovative brand: a concept combining Breton tradition and urban influences. Ar Gov offers clothing for dynamic men, who are attentive to detail and careful in their choice of materials. An ethical brand that drives the local economy by promoting partnerships and subcontracting with local people. The fabrics are organic and natural, the brand offers ranges 100% organic cotton from fair trade.

The following were carried out: Concept creation, brand creation, Logo registration and protection, Visual identity and brand design, Brand development. Launch: presentation parade, 2,500 people present, recruitment of models and product styling. Creation of a Concept Store corner with pre-sales space. Event management and partnership development.

Spotted by the Beaumanoir Group's Cache-Cache brand during the launch evening, and strengthened by its launch, the production of the Ar Gov brand was unfortunately suspended, due to a disagreement on the vision of the brand's development between the partners.


Brand Strategy


Branding / Visual identity

Fashion design

Social Media



Artistic Direction

Hélène Le Goff

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