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Imagine the Christmas Log Design of pastry chef Nicolas Bernardé

This year, a special request from our customer, pastry chef Nicolas Bernardé, Best Worker in France & voted best chef in the world in 2005: imagine the design of his Christmas logs.

After the design of the Advent Calendar, it is the creation of the Christmas universe. Inspired by travel, the Holiday Season Collection brings a gourmet escape into the midst of the most beautiful nature in the world.

We are used to working on the creation of universes on all the supports of a brand, but pastry as an object of design is a first for us. When the design was created: Hélène Le Goff, on the theme of plants, was inspired by nature to imagine the 3 logs of the pastry chef.

From the first sketches, the concepts are validated by Nicolas Bernardé and his team. Let's take a closer look at these beautiful gourmet creations from all angles. Teamwork to design logs as beautiful as they will be delicious. The flavours, imagined by the chef, turn Christmas into a real journey.

The Ginkgo Biloba chocolate pear log brings you the prosperity, vanilla and raspberry of the Camellia log from Japan brings Zen to your table, and the White Bird Log from Paradise will tell you a story full of peps woven with lemon and hazelnuts.

Ginko Biloba log: It is the oldest tree in the world, a message of hope... Renowned for bringing good luck in Asia, it is adorned with golden foliage from autumn onwards. It is this leaf that we find this year in full light with the Ginkgo Biloba Log, where chocolate, pear and aerial mosses


Nicolas Bernardé


Artistic Direction




Hélène Le Goff

Floral Journey

from left to right:

Bird of Paradise' log (white)
The Bird of Paradise' log, inspired by banana trees and Strelitzia also called "Bird of Paradise", these feathery foliage reveals a creamy lemon and a lemon panna cotta mixed with a financier and a hazelnut cream from Piedmont.
Log on order for 6-8 people at 45€

Camellia of Japan' log
For this second log, we fly to Japan: gluten-free, Nicolas Bernardé's Camellia of Japan log is adorned in red and white, reminiscent of the Japanese dress crowned with Tsubaki camellias, the samurai's emblem. At the heart of it is a Japanese biscuit (choux pastry in which snow whites are incorporated), a raspberry compote, vanilla mousse and a crispy biscuit...
Log on order Gluten-free 6-8 people at 45€

Gingko Biloba' log
Finally, for this third and final Christmas log of 2019, Nicolas Bernardé takes us back to Asia with this autumnal creation composed of a chocolate mousse, a dark chocolate icing, a chocolate biscuit, an island vanilla mousse and caramel roasted pears.
Log on order Gluten-free 6-8 people at 45€

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