Consultant specialized in Lean Management


Universe Creation, Branding and Project Management

Global Design: print (business cards, brochure, flyers), digital website. 

Julien Debonlier, a consulting company whose main focus is industrial project management, called upon our services to assist him in positioning strategy, branding and visual identity and in the creation of all his communication supports. Definition of the brand universe, graphic charter, logotype, photography, tools for clarifying its offers, schematic graphics, and finally, its website.


Julien Debonlier, consultant in lean management, called upon Studio HLG for the creation of his universe. But what is lean management? It is an industrial management technique initiated in the Japanese factories of the Toyota group at the very beginning of the 1970s and which took Toyota from the status of a nearly bankrupt car manufacturer in the 1950s to that of the world's number one.

" Lean " means fast, agile, supple, muscular, slender, lively. Lean management is a continuous improvement technique: you don't become " lean " by dieting, but by training every day to be faster. It is not a cure for weight loss by reducing costs. It'sa programme of training and reflection so that everyone in the company asks themselves how they can approach their job responsibilities to create more value with less waste. The explicit aim of the approach is to develop the kaizen spirit in each employee. The objective is to introduce continuous improvement in small steps and not to imagine the best performing organizations and processes. Process efficiency is the result of the individual competence of each person and the team spirit in the company.

Lean gives pride of place to the teams' ability to adapt to the market and processes.

Starting from scratch

Particularly sensitive to this lean approach at Studio HLG, we brought our advice to create the brand universe of this young consulting firm. The first phase: thevisual identity. That is to say all the graphic codes that identify a company or an organization. In addition to its identification role, the visual identity serves to establish a connection with a target clientele and to convey the company's key messages. The style of the handmade logo, such as an industrial technical drawing, allows to bring a more relaxed style while repeating the codes of this phase of study, design, dynamism related to lean. It is a logo in movement, under construction, from the initials "J" and "D". A strong, balanced logo, which aims to be the outline of a solution, the birth of an idea, adaptability to an ecosystem.

Orange, a playful and invigorating colour, brings dynamism. It is a colour that is a sign of open-mindedness and optimism and is associated with change, a notion that supports the lean approach.

Website :

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Customer Testimonial:

"The term"Global Design" was totally abstract to me until I met Hélène Le Goff. Her dynamism and creative solutions enabled her to identify my current needs and, above all, to anticipate my future needs.

Thanks to her adapted advice and tailor-made support, she perfectly succeeded in enhancing my consulting activity, working on the creation of my universe. The set of solutions creates a coherent system and enhances the value of my activity: communication strategy, website, logo, business cards, diagrams, photographs, etc. I am today more than delighted with his intervention and serene about the image that my company conveys. I recommend the Studio HLG for its reactivity but above all because it has a really different approach from all the communication agencies I had consulted for my project.

Helene, thank you so much again for your work and your involvement." Julien Debonlier.


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