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Hélène Le Goff

The new logo of the municipality of TOUR DU PARC is the first cornerstone of a global communication strategy

The aim is to reposition the commune in relation to its local assets and to unite all the inhabitants and economic players around shared values.

The first stage of the work on this communication strategy, with Hélène Le Goff from Studio HLG - Créateur d'Univers, a specialist in the creation of brand universes, consisted in defining a positioning and a brand strategy, then a logo and a graphic charter, and finally, the overall communication of the commune.

Until now, the municipal logo was none other than the heraldry of the commune. As LE TOUR DU PARC has no really visible medieval heritage, the communication with the heraldry was a bit misleading for the visitor. Therefore, it became essential to create a logo in harmony with LE TOUR DU PARC of today.

Hélène Le Gof's first task was to understand the perception that the elected representatives have of their commune, then to define with them their territorial project, their ambitions and to translate all this into a very precise and meaningful brand strategy. During workshops with STUDIO HLG, the elected representatives of the Parcais decided to highlightthe local assets, which are oyster farming, the marshes, the shoreline and the natural areas . From these reflections was born the new logo of the TOUR DU PARC.

The logo was validated at the City Council of April 23, 2021 by a unanimous vote.

A logo that makes sense / STUDIO HLG - Creator of Universes

A strong symbolism:

The shape in the background is that of the communal borders. It reminds us of the Presqu'insulaire aspect of the commune. It is also associated with an oyster shell, which is a strong symbol.

The typography is a mixture of modern letters (stick) and classical letters (serif). It evokes both the long history of the commune and its evolution. It constitutes a real intergenerational link. The movement and the opening of the letters, in particular the A, symbolize the movement of the sea.

The glaz blue recalls the emblematic colour of Brittany, that of sea water. Glaz blue, a blue/green, is the perfect illustration of the commune's land/sea mix. The graphic charter also integrates grey and beige colours evoking sand and rocks.

The baseline "The pearl of the peninsula" evokes the geographical position of the town, on the almost island of Rhuys. Its shape in the form of a circle, in the centre of the logo, symbolises the pearl of the oyster. More globally, in reference to the oyster, it translates the natural jewel that represents the Parcais territory.

Finally, the shapes drawn inside the logo represent the marshes and the streams, very present in the commune. This is also a strong marker of the territory. These shapes, inspired by aerial shots, invite everyone to take a step back and rediscover the unique environment that surrounds them: "here, you never really know where the land ends or the sea begins".

This unique logo, created to measure, subtly translates the uniqueness of the Tour du Parc municipality and is directly inspired by the people and the environment that make it up. Thus, like a brand, it will be possible to use the logo for the creation of products whose marketing will contribute to local investments, particularly in environmental matters, and to the influence of the commune well beyond its borders.
François Mousset, Mayor of Tour du Parc

Customized product design, a development lever for municipalities

The mission of Hélène LE GOFF, Director of Studio HLG: to create a strong positioning such as a brand image to develop the reputation of this commune in Southern Brittany. STUDIO HLG offers a unique global design service, where the interior decoration, the signage of the town, its signature, its products are studied in a completely customised way. Logos are not simply applied to goodies, Hélène LE GOFF from STUDIO HLG carefully studies the materials, the finishes, the shapes: each element must reinforce the image and not simply broadcast it. The manufacturers are chosen with care and in the local sector, bio-sourced materials are favoured, and each detail: metal buckle, shape of the pockets, style of the handles, ... is chosen in a precise and coherent way.

STUDIO HLG has thus imagined a complete brand universe for LE TOUR DU PARC with an exclusive collection of about twenty products. In addition to promoting the commune, reinforcing the feeling of belonging and proudly displaying the local image, the profits from the sale of these products will help finance the commune's projects, particularly in the environmental field.

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