Architecture, Art & Communication for an Importer of Electrical Equipment

Creating the new world of Imporelec, specialist in the trade of electrical equipment for professionals

Imporelec is an import-export company of electrical material. They supply exclusively professional customers with electrical equipment: circuit breakers, differentials, contactors, boxes, automatisms, buttoning, disconnectors, light signalling, thermal relays, lightning arresters, watertight boxes...

Since 2012, their company has been a success, strong of their development, they called Hélène Le Goff from Studio HLG to imagine and create the decoration of their new premises. They wanted to give cachet to their offices and make their employees feel good in this new space . Offices, Showroom, Reception area, rest room, cafeteria, ... they gave her carte blanche to imagine these new spaces in this 3,000m2 building and strengthen the attractiveness of their company.


Universe creation, Interior design and decoration

Design & Project

Artistic creations: paintings, sculptures, wall decorations ...

Website creation

Creation of photo, graphic and video content

White Card

"The Imporelec company had a logo and a first online presence, but did not have a brand universe. Its image was therefore reflected only by its logo, its website, their catalogue and their premises, but the result of this image did not correspond to the positioning of the company. There was a real discrepancy between the perceived image and the qualities of this company: beyond giving them my advice on decoration, it was necessary to use this work to also solve a problem of identity system.

My first phase of work consisted in reviewing the company's image and defining its visual positioning. This positioning was going to be the guideline of my interior design mission to create premises that corresponded to their image: an image that had to be revealed .

Overview of the previous company and their former premises

There is no single decoration that fits all companies and trades. Decoration, architecture and interior design must be tailor-made, with the company's culture and with the work carried out by those who occupy each space.

Companies need to express their value system, their corporate philosophy, to nourish the internal culture. Indeed, the actors of the company need to give meaning to their work, to know what they do and what their work will be used for. Based on a corporate value system, design helps to make the company's mission visible and allows managers to present this value system and share it with everyone.

My mission was to make visible the qualities of this company, its know-how, its products, its ambitions, through the creation of a unique universe. To create a universe in accordance with the history, the values and the visual identity of the company makes it possible to create a visual coherence between the internal qualities and those which will be perceived and understood immediately by the created image.

The customers gave me carte blanche to imagine the new image of their premises, and to materialize the very positive dynamic of this company, which is focused on the well-being of its employees."

Hélène Le Goff, Artistic Director

I didn't want to change the logo but use its lines, its colors, the products to create a new vision of the universe that was to come out of it. Keeping the essence of the company is important, I didn't want to change it but to reveal it.

I was inspired by the shapes of their products and their materials: circuit breakers, transformers, cables, copper combs, reflections of golden metals, the colours of their blue and green logo, their electrical and geometric lines, to draw their new universe.

"Architecture is just art we live in... and art has no rules"... shaking up the codes, creating a new palette of shapes, playing with shades of colour, materials, creating unexpected agreements... A universe must be as unique as the company it represents.

The reflection of a company's image

Entrance to the IMPORELEC building - Reception area

An industrial, mineral and warm universe at the same time

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo da Vinci.

This wooden wall creation is a key element of this universe. Each blade is a singular painting, a unique piece and a natural masterpiece ... which deserves to be assembled in a precise rhythm, like a musical score.

Indeed, this random effect requires a very particular implication to orchestrate a visual melody, made of textures, lines, hues, knots, veins, which are in tune with each other in movement. Thus, a considerable amount of work has gone into colorimetry, shapes, design and the use of materials: each blade is chosen with care and in detail, to resonate with the others, to perfectly match the dynamics of the architecture, to underline its volumes, to play with reflections.

Search for balance and detail: a demanding teamwork with the craftsmen of BOS Developmentwho have put their know-how and energy into this project.

This wall is a unique decor, made from recycled oak strips from old barn beams. Some are over 100 years old: instead of being thrown away when they are replaced, they are reused and magnified. The beauty of the wood then takes on its full scope and the oak expresses itself in the most beautiful way.

The partition between the two rooms is a modular acoustic partition, custom-designed by Studio HLG and made by the Bethencourt workshop. Very light, it is as aesthetic as it is functional.
A seduction tool for the employer brand

The decoration reflects the values of the company, and it becomes a major asset for the employer brand: the company uses it to enhance its image with employees, customers and for the recruitment of future talent. Candidates are concerned about the workplace when they apply. They will research the company's workspaces and are sensitive to the decor when they go to their recruitment interview. For 40% of employees, the workplace is crucial when they apply. Decoration is therefore also a key issue in recruitment!

Successful decoration creates an atmosphere where employees feel good. It then becomes part of a corporate culture and brings a feeling of belonging. When an employee is happy with his workplace, he can become an ambassador for his company. A beautiful workplace helps to retain talent and promote the company to the outside world. A well-groomed work space is essential when the company receives its clients and members of its network.

The custom-made decors are elements that show how unique this company is and develop pride of belonging among their employees.
Today the workplace is a place to live.

In the same way that we pay attention to the decor of our home in order to feel at home and to welcome our guests in the best possible way, offices are spaces that must appeal to both employees and outside contributors, all the more so since members of the company spend most of their day there. Hence, the usefulness of taking the best care of one's work spaces. The decoration of work spaces is therefore an integral part of the quality of life at work and a solution to contribute to the well-being of workers.

The furniture used is mostly modular: the desks are adjustable and infinitely recomposable. That is to say that they can easily be transformed into a 2-seater bench, or be recomposed into a corner version, add a double corner, etc. Work was carried out on the different seat heights, and particular care was taken with ergonomics : "There is an ergonomics of the body to be respected: we know that the human being must move to be well, physically but also mentally, hence these different spaces that allow to change posture and to recharge one's batteries".

Artistic works made from their products

Creation of universe: beyond brand image and decoration, a universe is materialized by unique details and integrates the creation of tailor-made artistic works.

It is a series of more than twenty paintings, created by Hélène Le Goff whose concept is quite unique: "When I do a project for my clients, I like to design pieces that they won't see anywhere else, unique works, created specifically for them. Thus these paintings are imagined and painted only with their products: circuit breakers, copper bars, transformers..., I used NO brushes! "

"It is a real pleasure to be able to let my imagination express itself on this subject which can seem unexpected and improbable, rarely treated and yet invites by its colours, shapes and enigmatic entities to a journey on the shores of dreams ...".

"Combining realism and formalism, these paintings affirm in their own way, which is, from my point of view as well as that of many others, the vocation of all true art, that of bringing together: the sales teams with those of the workshop, the management team, everything and everyone who is part of this company.

"For each project, my mission is always to offer my clients solutions that are not cut off from the living reality of their company, a privileged image of the professional universe in which they are inserted. It also means transmitting a state of mind, in this case that of a humanist society, where the benevolence, transmission and integration of each individual in a very positive collective approach is instilled by the managers".

Hélène Le Goff

Dining area n°1 - Floor
Lunch area n°2 - ground floor
Lunch area n°3 - Second part on the ground floor
The corporate kitchen area, a factor of well-being at work

A nice decoration allows you to feel good, engaged and less stressed in your workplace, and in the end to be more efficient. If we take just the color of the walls, very serious scientific studies have shown that according to the colors, the differences in productivity, creativity, and others, are significant. Beyond these examples on colours, it is the entire decoration as a whole that has an impact on the performance of teams, and this is why companies are attaching more and more importance to it. Setting up a kitchen in your company is a must to improve the quality of your employees' work life, offering a convivial space, a place for exchange, information and dialogue during a meal.

The layout of a company cafeteria must first of all give priority to the seating and comfort of its occupants. Indeed, in the cafeteria, we have lunch, work and exchange ideas. This is why privileging different postures by means of seats and tables of different heights allows flexibility within the environment. The low tables and chairs will be more suitable for informal meetings, interviews and appointments, while the high furniture will be part of a work or lunch approach.

Signage by Studio HLG
The design of signage is an important element: it can become something that reveals the architectural project in a different way, and resonate with it. It is similar to a work of interpretation of the place.

The creation of this universe continues on the architecture of the Imporelec building. After interior decoration, it is stimulating to change discipline, as the issues feed each other. Signage is at the same time a vector of the understanding of the building, the functioning of the site, a logistic tool, but also an element of the image of the company, which must be treated with care.

There is a notion of efficiency, visual information management, and positioning, brand, design.

My mission is to transmit a global and coherent image to a public and therefore the need to work on it in the smallest details...

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo da Vinci.

"Design of truck and light vehicle platform signs: inspired by Ruedi Baur's approach to signage at Cologne airport, I wanted to structure and clarify a certain amount of information about the delivery. The design of the signs plays an essential role in making the information easy to understand, especially for foreign delivery personnel. Beyond the informative response, the design can be playful and aesthetic". Hélène Le Goff

A brand image must also be consistent in digital: design and creation of Imporelec's new website and presentation video.

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