Design kitchen for a professional agency

Interior design of the kitchen area of the HLG Design Studio

Your staff does not always have the time or the desire to eat out every day, which is why companies like Google or Facebook have set up kitchens in their offices. You may not be a large company, but I can tell you that the installation of a kitchenette in your offices can become an asset for your company.

Indeed, this privileged place is a real accelerator of cohesion in your team, but also an image factor to enhance the value of your company in your recruitment missions.

A designer corporate kitchen is a place to rest, relax, brainstorm and regain energy in an inspiring and pleasant setting.

I designed this space within the design studio, in this spirit. An eclectic mix of mineral and organic materials, a play of contrasts and rhythms.


"Création d'Univers"  : Branding



Artistic Direction & Decoration

Hélène Le Goff


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