Nicolas Bernardé, Best Worker in France

Design a new world for the pastry chef, Best Worker in France and elected Best Chef in the World (2005).

The Project

Positioning strategy, brand image and creation of a new universe: logo, print design, packaging, product...

Design of the entire packaging range: cardboard and metal boxes, tubes, bottles, bags and sachets, tablet cases, jam, sugar and ribbon jars, etc. and implementation of a graphic and technical solution for product labelling, allowing printing autonomy by the customer, by unit.

Design of all brand elements, monitoring of product prototyping and relations with printers. Realization of the Advent Calendars (2018 and 2019) and illustrations.


Nicolas Bernardé


Strategy and universe creation

Creative Direction, Artistic Direction

Logo & Brand Image

Packaging & Product Design

Interior design

Creation of a new brand universe

BEFORE (Old logo and packaging)

AFTER: New universe, logo, packaging, etc.

Creation of Products & Packagings, real design objects

After the creation of his new brand image, Nicolas Bernardé entrusted us with the creation of his Advent Calendar. A tailor-made creation by Hélène Le Goff and published in LE FIGARO MAGAZINE , and awarded among the 10 most beautiful Advent Calendars 2019 alongside Alain Ducasse, Pierre Hermé, Fauchon, Christophe Michalak and Ladurée. Publication in LUXURY & PASSIONS Magazine "For Luxurious & Exclusive Experiences " - TOP 10 France of the most beautiful Advent Calendars alongside Alain Ducasse, Pierre Hermé, Fauchon, Christophe Michalak and Ladurée.

  • VANITY FAIR - The Best Advent Calendars "To wait until the day, "Vanity Fair" reviews the best in Advent food calendars. Mouth-watering, mouth-watering, and why not eat it all at once."
  • VOGUE - Best of the most beautiful Advent calendars: N°6 in the TOP 10 France, ahead of Pierre Hermé and Fauchon
  • Women's Diary - The Most Beautiful Advent Calendars
  • Creative house - TOP Advent calendars in France

The mark must be visible even in the product.

The pastry chef entrusts us with the design of his Christmas logs, creation of 3 iconic products

Nicolas Bernardé, Meilleur Ouvrier de France & elected best chef in the world in 2005: calls on the Studio HLG to imagine the design of his Christmas logs. At the creation of the design: Hélène Le Goff, on the theme of plants, is inspired by nature to imagine the 3 logs of the pastry cook.

From the first sketches, the concepts are validated by Nicolas Bernardé and his team. The next step is to make further sketches to imagine these beautiful gourmet creations from every angle. A team work to design logs as beautiful as they will be delicious. The flavours imagined by the chef turn Christmas into a real journey.

This work has received awards from the national and international press:

"An engraving in the style of Dürer... Frankly it's magnificent! "

The Journal France 2 honors the log "Bird of Paradise" in their selection TOP 6 France "La Guerre des Bûches", alongside Guy Savoy, Adrien Bozzolo, Pierre Hermé, François Perret, Vincent Guerlais.

Beautiful presentation, nicknamed "La Fashion Week des Bûches": opening by the Log "Oiseau de Paradis", one of the trio of logs whose design was imagined by Hélène Le Goff. A sketch entirely by hand, which was reproduced on the Christmas logs.

"Look how beautiful it is" - "It's quite wonderful ..."

A great recognition for this exciting project. A challenge for which we were fortunate enough to have the confidence of Nicolas Bernardé on the design, who then used his talent to make it the sweetest and most beautiful of delicacies.

The Logs are appreciated by the general public and generate engagement on social networks. (Source Nicolas Bernardé, instagram)


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