Equisense Sensor Connected

Connected and innovative object, dedicated to equestrian sports

Equisense, a start-up in Lille, is on the way to becoming the leader in connected objects and technology for equestrian sports. They launched the first connected object that allows riders to improve the monitoring and analysis of their performance and the health of their horses.

Indeed, the practice of equestrian sports requires riders to train more and more precisely and with greater precision. Equisense provides a tool capable of collecting and interpreting objective and qualitative data on the horse's pace, jumps and physical fitness. They thus allow riders to compare their sensations with objective data. 

The first product of the start-up is the Equisense Motion. This is a connected sensor to be placed under the strap using a leather strap. Thanks to the data collected (symmetry of the pace, time spent at each hand and pace, number of jumps, etc.) by the sensor on the dedicated mobile application, the rider can analyse in detail his work sessions, while ensuring the horse's locomotor health.

At the end of July 2016, Equisense completed a €3 million fundraising campaign with three northern investment funds (Sparkling partners, Finorpa and Nord France Amorçage), BNP Paribas Développement and Neovia.


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