La Fabrique de l'Ouest

Create and develop a Breton brand

Installed for several years in the sector, the client wishes to complete its consulting activity in the industry with a new activity of craftsmanship and project management. He wanted to create a new, distinctive brand to quickly launch and develop this activity in the local sector. The objective: to find the name, the concept, the visual identity and to design the communication supports to make oneself known to individuals and professionals.

Details of the achievements: Business Development, Commercial Strategy and Marketing, Naming (Research and Brand Name Creation), Trademark Registration and Protection, Art Direction, Brand Design / Brand Image / Logo, Design Print: business cards, Product Design: textiles, luggage, line development, oil bottles and wood care made in Brittany.


Strategic Consulting

Business Development

Creation of universes

Design Print & Products


White Card

Our client gave us carte blanche to conceive his project: the main lines of his strategy, his positioning and his message to then finish on his brand universe ... in one day! Record timing to create its visual identity, based on the interweaving of three strong elements: the F de Fabrique, the hammer and the Breton ermine. This new identity was used in its communication media: business cards, stationery, stamps, email signature, luggage and textiles.

We are now supporting it throughout its entire activity as a true partner in its business development. A guarantee of trust and satisfaction, this customer entrusted us in 2019 with the entire design of the new collection of his products and furniture. We also act as an exclusive partner for its own clients, in order to design the decoration and layout of their interiors.

Creation of a brand universe for an interior designer


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