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Create the new universe & decoration of the ideal Le Gendre clothing store in Lamballe

Previously "Lecointre Femmes", in 2019 the boutique will evolve into a 100% men's boutique, with an atmosphere evoking authenticity and conviviality. Our mission: to imagine then create the new universe of this family store.

Designing a clothing store does not mean simplistically determining a display system that conforms to the merchandise on sale, but rather developing a narrative path, a visual story, an engaging experience.

The Studio HLG has created the universe of the ideal son-in-law, a creative duo: Hélène Le Goff, Director of the Studio HLG and Lillie H have reviewed the store's decoration. "It'sa beautiful project, including the decoration, the design of unique elements (furniture, frescoes, visuals, lighting, accessories, ...). Studio HLG also brought its experience in branding during the logo creation phase, carried out by the Inodia agency, so that the universe imagined beforehand was coherent with the visual identity".


Creation of Universe.

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Work preview
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Hélène Le Goff, STUDIO HLG and Lillie H - Interior Design for LE GENDRE IDEAL Lamballe

Creation of the Universe of the Ideal Son-in-law

Universe Creation Notebook ©Studio HLG - All rights reserved

Testimonial from Hélène Le GoffShe also spoke to the director of the Studio HLG about her approach to this project and the key pieces of this space, in the heart of the city of Lamballe:

Giving a new style to the staircase: sculptural approach

"Like its predecessor, the new boutique is based on an authentic design, adapted to the environment, the neighbourhood and the customers. But the creation of a universe does not mean questioning everything. Sometimes, as here, it also means choosing to revalue what already exists and to create a link between two stories. Thus, here with Lillie H we chose to reopen the space of the store, removing partitions that hid an old staircase to create a new volume that uses the existing staircase instead of hiding it.

The staircase is therefore a major part of this project as it opens onto the store space. We absolutely wanted to preserve it and give it a new life. However, the existing handrail and steps needed a new look. The idea was to keep the basic structure but change the style of the steps and handrail.

Preview of the staircase before work

"To rethink the style of the handrail, I imagined each part in a completely unique way. I designed this staircase like a sculpture: no two parts of the handrail are identical, each piece is unique, just like the steps. Each element that makes up this staircase is singular. A random design may seem simple, but in reality it requires a lot of subtle work and attention to detail to create a balance between different elements. The order of the steps, for example with different edges, has been carefully chosen to ensure that the staircase is perfectly harmonious and the staircase is pleasant to walk on, while keeping its free form.

Un camion dans le magasin

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy" said Juan Montoya. I agree with his approach: The ideal son-in-law is a son-in-law who is as offbeat as he is impertinent, sympathetic, attached to beautiful materials and stories that make sense. A story, an experience that makes sense is transmitted through the creation of unique pieces like the truck, and not just any truck! Staying in the French spirit was important. The Bernard trucks, a small brand of French trucks from the 50's inspired me to create the artistic design of the truck, its integrated furniture and hand painting of this out of time racing car.

Cosy lounge and beer locker, inspired by the printing industry

Thomas and François, our customers wanted to imagine a warm space, a little "like at home", a small living room. Inspired by the typographic* lockers that have marked my experience in design. My idea was to divert this shape of crate, initially intended for the printing press, to create a piece of furniture to present and enhance their beer brand, by offering a wooden case for each bottle; while presenting, like a curiosity cabinet, various decorative elements, including posters created to measure: "CROIX DE BOIS CROIX DE FER, SI JE MENS TU PAYES LES BIÈRES".

(*in typography, the case is a wooden box intended to contain all the characters of a lead font of the same font).

Le gendre idéal, good-guy impertinent

Graphics, sketches, hand-engraved wooden panels: unique creations for the ideal son-in-law.

I think that the communication of a shop is through the architecture and design of the shop in question. Thus, the posters, the graphic design, plays a preponderant role and must be the ambassador of the project. They create an atmosphere, affirm the style of the project and give it a unique identity. Together with my collaborator Diego we designed all the posters, graphics and brand/interior signage for the store.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Léonard De Vinci

Awwards Best World Projects 2019 by Rubio Monocoat USA : the approach to universe creation integrating the creation of a custom color designed for Le Gendre idéal by Hélène Le Goff is awarded and published by RUBIO in their BOOK 2019 "Best projects wordwide".

This edition presents their selection of the world's best projects: the most beautiful projects completed in 2019 from 80 countries. For the Ideal Son-in-law project, Hélène Le Goff brought a unique approach to the way wood should be sublimated, with a custom-made colour and finish for all the wooden elements of the decoration: the staircase, furniture, glass roof, library etc.

Inventing a new colour may seem surprising, yet a chromatic signature is the detail that, if forgotten when it is successful, because in perfect harmony, on the other hand, a poorly studied colour can call into question an entire project because it modifies its perception.

This type of subtlety is essential when creating a universe, because colour makes sense and arouses emotion. Here the wood seems already aged. Most visitors don't even think it's fir! They think it's oak! I'm often asked what shade is used, because in terms of cost the difference between the two species is significant."

In my approach to creating a personalized universe, I have created a new 3-phase color formulation, which can sublimate each veining of the pine and give it a completely different aspect: underline the dark notes, patinate the medium notes, and reveal the sapwood jets?

This decoration project integrating this colourist approach was a challenge, and it was the first project with Rubio Monocoat. Thus, Hélène Le Goff and Julien Debonlier, a craftsman, carried out a great deal of experimentation to find the perfect formulation.

This approach has been noticed and rewarded by Rubio international, who do us the honour of publishing this approach and this project in their book of the world's best projects, but also of using it as a reference image for publishing.

--> To read the interview, click here

A showcase open to the outside

For the shop window, which we wanted to open with Lillie, the issue was the impact that the opening would have on both the interior space, but also the exterior space, visible from the street. My idea was to be inspiredby the architecture of the building's façade, to keep a harmony. So, starting from the half-timbering, I redesigned the openings, whose shapes are structured with birch trees: a graphic half-timbering, which brings light and character to the shop .

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