The Man by Lecointre

Creation of the new universe of this men's store.

The Lecointre family passes the succession of its businesses to the new generation: François and Thomas. The Studio HLG took care of the ideal Le Gendre concept store, and in the course of the project, our client's brother, who owns the adjoining store, called on our services to offer a new world to his own as well.

Record timing: a month and a half to design and deliver the project, in order to open the two stores at the same time.

A collaboration Studio HLG, Hélène Le Goff x Lillie H for this beautiful project.

Creating a universe, imagining decoration and design, scenography, colours, textures and materials ... Find the beautiful objects, cut them out to highlight the new collections, find the right words and give birth to the typographic creations, work with the craftsmen to give life to each idea ... and open up! Discover this project in pictures :


Interior decoration

Graphics & Storytelling

Merchandising signage

Shop window decorations by Lillie H

BEFORE (bottom) / AFTER (top)


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