Nicolas Bernardé, Best Worker in France

Design a new world for the pastry chef, Best Worker in France and elected Best Chef in the World (2005).

The Project

Positioning strategy, brand image and creation of a new universe: logo, print design, packaging, product...

Design of the entire packaging range: cardboard and metal boxes, tubes, bottles, bags and sachets, tablet cases, jam, sugar and ribbon jars, etc. and implementation of a graphic and technical solution for product labelling, allowing printing autonomy by the customer, by unit.

Design of all brand elements, monitoring of product prototyping and relations with printers. Realization of the Advent Calendars (2018 and 2019) and illustrations.


Nicolas Bernardé


Creation of Universes


Creative Direction

Logo & Brand Image


Packaging & Product Design

Artistic creations

The project team

Hélène Le Goff

BEFORE (Old logo and packaging)

AFTER: New universe, logo, packaging, etc.


Other achievements
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