SNCF Réseaux - GSMR Radio Project

Enhancing the national deployment of GSM-R for the SNCF

GSM-R (Global System for Mobile communications - Railways) is a wireless communication standard based on GSM, and developed specifically for railway applications and communications.

It allows trains to communicate with the rail traffic control stations, and the driving, running and maintenance staff to communicate with each other in conference mode. In most of the countries where it is used, GSM-R complements analogue systems linking control centres and trains, for example ground-train radio in France.

As part of the implementation on GSM-R, SNCF Réseaux called on Studio HLG to enhance the image of this project through a series of photos. Given the confidential nature of some of the images, we are publishing here only a small selection of the more than a thousand photos delivered as part of this nationwide project.


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