LGV BPL - SNCF project

Thanks to the extension of the High Speed Line, Brittany and the Côtes d'Armor are getting closer to Paris.

The Brittany - Pays de la Loire High Speed Line (LGV) is a new line, with a new route, meeting the need for fast travel between Brittany and the Pays de la Loire and Ile-de-France regions (and regions beyond). It also contributes to the region's rail service. This 182 km line between Le Mans and Rennes has the special feature of having eight junctions to the national rail network, allowing every 30 to 40 km to enter or leave to serve the towns concerned.

SNCF Réseau has called on Hélène Le Goff from Studio HLG to promote their know-how and their teams in the context of the Brittany-Pays de Loire LGV project.

Artistic photographic report, production of communication videos and marketing tools. Conception, creation and printing of a series of publications on this flagship project. Event tools.

Creation of an edition series of several albums, distributed to the actors of the project.
Immortalize the commissioning of the Connections to the #LGVBPL by SNCF Network teams

Prints were used at the events in the form of a photo wall: anyone can come and get the prints they like.
Photographs: Hélène Le Goff
The photographs were also distributed during the various events to highlight the project's actors.
They underline the know-how, the involvement and the seriousness of these teams who have dedicated their energy to the success of this beautiful project.
Customer Testimonial:

"Dynamic, available and creative, I enjoyed and still enjoy working with her. Hélène, through her photos, has been able to highlight our industrial world and has managed to make it more than "luminous" through a clever play of colours. Our employees treasure her reports, memories of the major stages each of us went through on the Brittany - Pays de la Loire high-speed line construction sites. Thank you to her and to Sébastien Amar, her partner on this project, for having immortalized these moments in all weathers". J. Pla Head of Communications SNCF Network

In view of the popularity of these reports, initially commissioned for exclusive webcasting, the SCNF published these photos on the architecture of the Rennes train station to make them accessible to the public, as well as at other exhibitions.


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