A design work involves the selection of beautiful materials. The tailor-made solution goes so far as to create the perfect shade, a unique composition of natural oils.

For the interior decoration of the Le Gendre Idéal project, Hélène Le Goff worked on the creation of a custom-made oil stain for wood. Made from a composition of 3 different oils, this new grade has been applied by La Fabrique de l'Ouest to all the wooden elements of the Lamballais Concept Store. During the development of the shade, a specific approach caught the attention of Rubio USA, which chose to publish the project in its selection of "Best Wordwide Architecture & Design Projects 2019" in its BOOK 2020, and in its reference book which includes the most beautiful projects realized in 2019 in the 80 countries where Rubio Monocoat is available.

The project was also published as the best project of the month, by the group and published on all the social sites and networks of the international group RUBIO and its subsidiaries.

"Beyond the form, it seemed essential to me to create THE hue. Each project is the subject of a real experimentation phase. It is this phase of testing, of the colour, of the materials, which makes it possible to bring coherence in the smallest details for a unique result, which you will not find anywhere else! The colour of a wood oil may seem like a detail to some, but it is precisely the colour that will bring all the relief, the contrast or not of the grain, to magnify this noble material. This step is for me an essential approach in woodworking, with which I have a particular affinity.

Hélène Le Goff, Artistic Director Studio HLG

Product used: RUBIO Monocat - Oil plus 2C

Type of wood: Fir

Where was Rubio applied? On the steps of the stairs, the truck furniture, the glass roof, the "printer's box" type furniture and the shelves.


  • Interior design: STUDIO HLG - Hélène Le Goff & Lillie H (Alisson Huet).
  • Staircase & Truck Design: STUDIO HLG - Hélène Le Goff
  • Wall frescoes: STUDIO HLG - Hélène Le Goff & Eyk
  • Staircase & Truck Manufacturing, Furniture: THE WESTERN MANUFACTURING
  • Photography: STUDIO HLG - Hélène Le Goff

Why did you choose to use these specific colours?

"First of all, I selected Bourbon, which seemed to me to be the shade most in tune with the soil selected for this project. However, I found that this shade lacked warmth (especially yellow) and contrasts. I wanted to reveal more significantly the grain of the wood. My approach is really based on my parallel activity as a visual artist and photographer: in this context, I often work with contour lines on visuals or even in painting, i.e. on balances between light, medium and dark shades.

It seemed to me that the Bourbon hue, on this raw fir product, was revealed on the "medium" notes but much less on the light notes of the wood and especially not enough on the dark notes. I wanted a rendering with more contrasts while avoiding a new look. Authenticity is a major aspect of this concept store, so we had to transmit it in the shade created.

After several tests, I therefore used a balance of three shades, which in my opinion, allowed me to work on the 3 shades of the material.

I chose Invisible Smoke to sublimate the light notes, because it revealed the warmth on them (more yellow), while bringing to the whole a light grey patina that allowed to subtly age the wood to bring the desired authenticity. I used Bourbon for the main base as it brought the overall hue that I only wanted to refine, and I chose Candied Brown in the mixture to bring more dark and tan notes to the very pronounced grainings, the knots of the wood. This approach makes it possible to work on relatively accessible wood with a top-of-the-range finish."

What were the advantages of working with Rubio Monocoat oil?

  • Design side: keep the touch of the wood, the proposed color bases and the possibility to create your own color
  • On the realization side: time saving by the monolayer, ease of implementation on the substrate, smell during installation �
  • On the customer side: easy maintenance


Hélène Le Goff

Designer and Art Director. Specialist in design and creation of 360° brand worlds. Graduated from the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués with honours.