Creating a Universe ... from the logo to the packaging, decoration and product design: using the word "vegetal" as a starting point, Nicolas Bernardé trusted Hélène Le Goff, Artistic Director of the Studio HLG to imagine the design of his Christmas logs.

"An engraving in the style of Dürer... Frankly it's magnificent! "
Laurent Bignolas

The Journal France 2 honors the log "Bird of Paradise" in their selection TOP 6 France "La Guerre des Bûches", alongside Guy Savoy, Adrien Bozzolo, Pierre Hermé, François Perret, Vincent Guerlais.

Beautiful presentation, nicknamed "La Fashion Week des Bûches": opening by the Log "Oiseau de Paradis", one of the trio of logs whose design was imagined by Hélène Le Goff. A sketch entirely by hand, which was reproduced on the Christmas logs.

"Look how beautiful it is" - "It's quite wonderful ..."
Loïc Ballet

A great recognition for this exciting project. A challenge for which we were fortunate enough to have the confidence of Nicolas Bernardé on the design, who then used his talent to make it the sweetest and most beautiful of delicacies.

HELENE LE GOFF: A few words about the project

"From the first sketches, the 3 concepts imagined on the theme given by a word "plant" are retained and validated by Nicolas Bernardé and his team. Now I can go further and imagine from all angles these beautiful gourmet creations that come to life under my brushes... An exciting team work to design logs as beautiful as they are delicious! The design and the flavours, imagined by the chef, transform Christmas into a real journey, a gourmet escape that highlights the wonders of nature!"

The three logs are selected in the TOP of the "Most Beautiful Christmas Logs" by the magazines Cosmopolitan, Femme Actuelle, Avantages, ... ! Also published in Relais Desserts, and by the American magazine Dandelion Chandelier in their selection "The Most Beautiful Christmas Desserts in Paris this Year", by Pamela Thomas-Graham.

To see the show in replay it's here: https: //


Hélène Le Goff

Designer and Art Director. Specialist in Design and creation of brand universes in 360°. Graduated from the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués with honors.