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"Global design:
profitability lever for companies

For the past 10 years, Hélène Le Goff has been developing the HLG STUDIO, specialized in global design aimed at developing the growth of companies in France and abroad. She helps small and medium-sized companies that want to (re)position themselves in a market, move upmarket and find new profitability levers through design.

Entreprendre Magazine - June 2022 Edition

What are the expectations of the business leaders who call on your company?

To increase their turnover, to differentiate themselves from the competition, to develop their brand, to gain notoriety and perceived quality, to unite their teams around a coherent image. They are looking for innovative ideas, great creativity and concrete solutions.

Which approach allows you to succeed?

I attach importance to a thorough diagnosis and research to build an action strategy that is both global and extremely precise. I act as a kind of third eye for managers who know where they want to take their companies but don't know how design can be the key.

Manager, Art Director, Designer, how do you practice?

I draw distinctive brand images, I study the design of products, the way they are packaged and staged in spaces. In fact, I imagine the complete layout of companies (sales outlets, showrooms, offices, industrial premises) and the way to exploit the brand on digital tools. It's a cross-disciplinary approach to the image business that completely breaks down the boundaries between branding, marketing and architecture.
I then direct the activation and deployment. I have both an artistic vision and a pragmatic approach: "I don't do beauty for beauty's sake". My creativity is always combined with the technical aspect without ever losing sight of the objectives.
I take the time to understand my clients' wishes before implementing the 360 degree concept. I have the ability to propose, create and manage all of the company's development tools. I am agile and totally involved.
Thus, I work for small and medium-sized companies and sometimes for institutions. My interventions allow my clients to increase their turnover by about 25%.

What have been your assets in your career as a woman leader?

I would say audacity, a strong motivation and the desire to make things better.
Each project is unique, which is why I have always sought to develop my creativity, but also my ability to listen and my agility in order to carry out the missions.
It is also the passion of the company: whatever the field of activity in which I intervene, I place the human being at the heart of the project and bring the same creative energy, with a sensitivity to the beautiful details and the finesse.
Finally, a taste for challenge, and even a certain tropism for ambitious and complex subjects".

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