With the evolution of the internet over the last 20 years, playing with algorithms has become crucial for any brand wanting to make its mark in its sector. A quest for visibility that cannot be achieved without the practice of SEO. A practice still poorly mastered by many because it is poorly understood and yet, SEO is in our eyes an inexhaustible source of visibility for a brand. 

The content publisher brand

Before explaining how manipulating algorithms is beneficial for your brand, it seems important to us to first highlight the editorial perimeters of a brand. 

To exist in the public space, whether physical or digital, a brand must first and foremost be a content publisher. An editorial strategy, preferably scripted, which implies the exploitation of very varied forms of expression:

  • Contents related to products and services: photos and videos of the product, product sheet, instructions, tutorials...
  • Contents related to Internet opinions
  • Content marketing, also known as inbound marketing.
  • Press and blog editorial content
  • Social content via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik-Tok
  • Advertising content, either physical or via platforms such as Google Ads.
  • Educational content: MOOC, e-learning
  • Contents related to patronage and sponsoring
  • Corporate content: white paper, annual report, CSR report

The exploitation of these perimeters will offer the brand the opportunity to promote its value, its experience but also to maintain a permanent connectivity with its audience. 

The content, a lasting link between SEO and brand 

It is through the content, within your site but also outside that we will be able to influence its natural referencing on the pages of search engine results. 

In all the forms mentioned above, the content can be used, both to guarantee your site - and therefore your brand - legitimacy with search engines that will position your pages on keywords and expressions, and to guarantee Internet users that your entity is an authority in its field. 

But to achieve this result, it is necessary to manipulate increasingly intelligent algorithms or, to put it in more accurate terms, learning algorithms. 

Indeed, the mere use of a keyword is no longer enough to position a page, it is now a question of context and search intention. 

By the various contents that you will diffuse to the Net surfers, it will be important to practise a semantic juggling to succeed in making the algorithms understand the context (one also speaks about subject) of each one of your pages.


The interest of natural referencing for the brand 

The main interest of SEO for the brand is to gain long-term visibility and to take advantage of a set of marketing levers to further increase this visibility. 

The reversibility of the relationship between performance and visibility 

The SEO manipulations intended to increase the visibility and notoriety of the pages of your site will also affect their performance, in other words their ability to engage the Internet users for you: 

  • generate contacts
  • generate revenue
  • connecting with your audience

SEO and the Consumer Demand 3.0

Humans have new expectations of brands. Demanding and resistant to stereotyped and aggressive messages, they are today in demand for truth and concrete actions. Improving the natural referencing of your site will help your brand to open up to more social, societal and economic aspects;

  • The attractiveness of your brand, its aesthetics
  • The ability to adapt to new writing formats
  • Geographical proximity to your audience
  • The transparency of your brand
  • Your reason for being

Maintaining the continuity of the physical experience

In the case of a physical showcase such as a shop, a restaurant, a hotel, improving the natural referencing of your site will also improve the experience felt in real life. Internet users find or rediscover the aesthetic and editorial codes that touched them when they visited your establishment. 

A final word

As you will have understood, natural referencing is not only there to better position you, it is also and above all an incredible lever to make your brand stand out from all its competitors in a sustainable and profitable way. 



Specialist in search engine optimization and the implementation of acquisition strategies.