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We welcome you in our showroom and offices in Lamballe on go to. Our showroom is located in the heart of the equestrian park of Lamballe, facing nature and accessible in 2 minutes from the N12. This unique place overlooking the water is meant to be a space conducive to creation and beautiful stories, a space where we imagine the new worlds of our customers. We will be pleased to welcome you there, to create your next project together.

Depending on your preference, we can also receive
you in Paris or Milan in our adjoining offices.

Our showroom is located in a privileged, calm and inspiring natural setting.
Here we organize our workshops and seminars for our customers and partners.
Photo tour of our offices
Our offices in Brittany
Here we prototype our projects
Showroom and workshop, an atypical place of creation in Brittany.

Our approach

Creativity alone cannot work if it is not accompanied by a pragmatic vision of the business in which it must operate. At the same time it must be of great subtlety, to tend towards authenticity and embody a brand in a completely personalized way. It is a visual dialogue, whose language must combine clarity, coherence and personality.
Our approach is therefore a subtle link between notions of market economy and ... poetry. Poetry, dreams and seduction are fundamental in design. We believe that the role of a designer must be to create and transmit an emotion, to bring a new vision.
This way, we make all projects with a personalised and tailor-made approach. No project is identical, each of our universe creations is unique, just like you.

An artistic, business and management trio that uses design as a lever for development and a force for innovation.

Immersion, Analysis and Strategy
This first phase consists of listening and finely analysing our client's needs and the feasibility of the project.
It is about being able to analyse the market and propose a vision, supported by an adapted action plan, i.e. a solid bridge between your ambitions for development and your entrepreneurial capacities.
This involves an analysis of the needs of companies, their objectives and the needs of my clients, in order to identify the levers for enhancing the value of their brand/product and the meaning to be given to the project.
Research, Design and Creation
This second phase focuses on Design. This is the research and creation phase.
It is here that our experience in the different sectors of design, together with its application in the particularly varied sectors of our clients' activities, allows us to have a vision that is innovative, creative and connected to the reality of the company.
The goal is not only to keep working on the aesthetics of a product / service, but to position it, to make it distinctive, to sell it, to communicate and to allow the company to benefit from it: to capitalize on its image.
Operational Design and Management
The third important phase is the management of the project and the management of its success.
A design project requires consultation with all the actors involved, a willingness and coherence specific to it.
In this phase we operate in order to facilitate the integration of the different collaborators who contribute to the realization of the project so that they are in line with the vision, which has as its mission the achievement of the objective and the satisfaction of the client.
Hélène Le Goff, Artistic
Director & Designer

Hélène Le Goff, Director of the Studio, studies, imagines and designs every detail of her clients' projects. She acts as a consultant, artistic director, designer and project manager.

Her work exudes happiness for a reason, she is passionate, as is every member of the team around her! We put the same passion into our work as you put into your projects.

"My team accompanies me on the operational phase of the project, it's a collective force where each person brings his specificity, in order to deliver high quality projects, while keeping a strong global coherence."


The story begins with a beautiful project of universe creation in Rennes, then another one in Paris, Portugal, Belgium...


In 2018, we will open the doors of our showroom, a 150m2 space designed by Hélène Le Goff, in Brittany.


In addition to Brittany, we also welcome you in our branch offices in Paris and in Italy, in Milan.

of intervention

Our offices and showroom are located in Lamballe, with branch offices in Paris and Milan. As our business has no borders, we support our clients locally, nationally and internationally. Thus, we carry out projects in Europe, the United States, Russia and Asia.
The essence of our approach lies precisely in this open-mindedness, our intellectual and aesthetic intelligence, and our adaptability, which we cultivate through our professional travels and the accompaniment of clients from all sectors of activity.

Artistic vision Humanistic approach

"My job is an adventure. An adventure made of projects, beautiful encounters, freedom, creations, reflection ... it's a positive objective seeking to value the other.

How can I help my client to develop what makes him dream? How can I enhance their knowledge-faire ? Put it in the spotlight? Sublimate his uniqueness?

It is a search, first of all by listening, by observation, and by paying attention to the other in order to understand. Then, through creation, the search for beauty and success, whether it be in what concerns the intellectual, the manual, the strategy, the person, the brand, the product, the decoration, the architecture, the business, the aesthetics, the logistics, the materials, the use, ... a universe."

Designer, but also Artist, Hélène Le Goff conceives her projects as unique works, whether it be branding elements, products, or interiors. Sensitive to craftsmanship, industry, people, know-how and beautiful materials, she brings a unique perspective to her projects.

On the right, the paintings she created for one of her clients, from a white canvas and their products. Her concept: use only their products, no brushes. The circuit breakers are sublimated into works of art, the copper bars scrape the canvas with multiple colours that enhance the know-how of the teams in the new offices she has designed for them. A decoration personalised in the smallest details.

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